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Sammie practices a new hypnotherapy technique called “Cyber Hypnosis” developed by her husband.

Sammie’s husband is a former senior software test engineer and military veteran with a lifetime of experience working with advanced technology.

During the Lockdowns of 2020-2022, her husband trained in hypnotherapy to help treat Sammie’s anxiety and depression.

He discovered how certain fields of software development related to User Interface and User Experience can be easily modified to induce hypnotic trance.

After completing online hypnotherapy training, he discovered that all of the most widely used technology platforms make use of negative hypnosis techniques on their users.

With his knowledge of technology, Sammie’s husband developed a set of practices to utilize technology to counter the negative effects of Big Tech hypnosis.

He calls this set of practices: “Cyber Hypnosis,” merging his technical expertise as a former software engineer with his training in hypnotherapy.

Sammie Hypnotized is a project Sammie and her husband created to help other married couples who’s relationships are struggling by teaching them hypnosis techniques they can use to counter those used by Big Tech.

Using these techniques, Sammie and her husband have both overcome anxiety, depression, insomnia, and addiction.

Learning and practicing hypnosis, they have grown more in love after 14 years together.

Their hope through Sammie Hypnotized is to help other couples experience the same joy in their marriage.

They also hope to demonstrate how hypnosis can be a powerful tool to establish a healthy lifestyle, reverse the effects of aging, and to help married women feel more confident, beautiful, and loved in the eyes of their husbands.

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