Sammie and I are a married couple from Canada.

Sammie is a Vietnamese refugee who escaped the horrors of communism with her family when she was a little girl.

I am a Canadian born Chinese/Filipino who grew up in the oil patch of Northern Alberta.

In 2015, one of our children was severely injured when she was vaccinated with the MMR vaccine and later diagnosed with severe autism.

The pain from seeing our beautiful child suffer lead Sammie to develop severe depression.

In 2020, Sammie’s depression was so severe, I quit my full time software engineering career to take care of her and our children.

At that time, I had a lifelong fascination with hypnosis and decided to learn hypnotherapy to heal her depression.

After practicing hypnosis on her I was able to identify the root causes of her depression.

After identifying those root causes through hypnosis, we made major lifestyle changes which cured her depression.

After we cured Sammie’s depression, Sammie realized that there is a large online audience who enjoy watching beautiful women practicing recreational hypnosis.

With that, Sammie decided to start a new career as a model practicing recreational hypnosis on top of regular hypnotherapy sessions on YouTube and Instagram.

I think Sammie is the most beautiful woman in the world and fully support her.

Together we started SammieHypnotized.com to highlight her beauty and share her amazing story.

There is hope for people struggling with depression and anxiety.

Sammie is living proof of this.

Visit SammieHypnotized.com to see Sammie’s hypnosis modelling content.

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