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More about Hypnosis Inductions

Hypnosis is a process of guiding a subject into a state of trance.

In this trance state, the subject’s conscious mind is relaxed (or even asleep) but their subconscious mind is hyper-focused on the hypnotizing agent.

The hypnotizing agent can be an in-person hypnotist, a hypnosis recording or video, or a software application.

In order to get a person into this state of trance, the hypnotizing agent first gains consent from the subject to enter into a hypnotic relationship with them.

They then uses audio, visual, or tactile techniques to guide that person into the hypnotic trance.

While in hypnotic trance, the hypnotized subject will act as if the information the hypnotizing agent is giving them is true. This is commonly referred to as receiving hypnotic suggestion.

When a person is hypnotized they can be in different depths. In a light hypnotic trance, a person seems fully awake. In deep hypnotic trance, a person seems as if they are asleep.

Some hypnotic suggestions are paired with hypnotic triggers to alternate their hypnotic depths or temporarily modify their short term beliefs.

This works because outside of hypnotic trance a conscious process known as the “Critical Factor” will activate and prevent the subconscious mind from processing those hypnotic commands and suggestions.

While in a hypnotic trance, the conscious mind is too relaxed to activate it’s critical factor and grants the hypnotizing agent permission to issue that information directly to their subconscious.

The subconscious mind than acts on the information received from the hypnotizing agent as if it were true.

The subconscious mind, has the reasoning capabilities of a very small child.

Hence, if a person in a hypnotic state, their subconscious mind can’t make the differentiation between information that is true and false.

Hypnotic inductions are the process of guiding a person into this state where they can receive information from a hypnotizing agent without thinking critically about it and act on it as if it were true.

In the context of recreational hypnosis or hypnotherapy, this is commonly done for entertainment or therapeutic reasons.

Often in the perspective of software app development this is done to control user interactions with and restrict user input into a software system.

This is one reason why many apps (especially social media apps) are so harmful to the mental health of their users.

They use hypnosis techniques that most stage hypnotists or hypnotherapists know would cause stress or anxiety in their subjects.

This is why Sammie and her husband started SammieHypnotized.com

By practicing hypnosis in a positive, therapeutic setting they can counteract negative hypnotic effects of social media that cause stress, anxiety, and mental illness.

If you watch a full induction video with Sammie, you yourself can enter into a hypnotic trance as the same depth as her.

In this hypnotic depth, hypnotic techniques that reduce anxiety and stress can be applied that can prevent and recover from social media induced mental illnesses.

This is a part of a practice of “Cyber Hypnosis” that Sammie’s husband is developing.

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