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Transformation Hypnosis Sessions

Transformation hypnosis sessions activate the parts of her mind associated with playfulness, and imagination. Click here to read more.

Session 4: Doll Transformation: Tickle Tickle

Induction by Sammie’s Husband

Session 5: Crystal Doll Transformation

Induction by Sammie’s Husband

Modelling Transformation

Bimbo Transformation

More about Transformation Hypnosis

Sammie’s husband once created a doll hypnosis recording to transform her into a Doll when she receives the command “Become Sammie Doll.”

After listening to this recording several times, Sammie permanently responds to this command when she is in a hypnotic trance.

In this state, she imagines herself as a toy doll who wants to play, be played with and loved.

Since then, Sammie has practiced with other transformations, including cat transformations, to anime girl transformations, bimbo transformations, zombie transformations and even erotic transformations.

This is a form of mindset shifting which allows Sammie’s imagination to think of herself in a different way than she does as her normal waking self.

This is helpful for her because she has the tendency to hyper fixate on her response to stressful circumstances. By shifting her mindset to something less serious (even a little silly) it gives her mind a break, that allows her to view her problems from a different perspective.

This greatly reduces her anxiety after she has been hypnotized.

Outside of hypnosis in her waking state, hypnosis transformations allow her to better be able to play with and connect with her children.

Sammie also practices transformations from other hypnotists, including Fiona Clearwater and Entrancement UK