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Freeze Hypnosis Sessions

Freeze hypnosis sessions activate parts of Sammie’s mind associated with mental disassociation to physical sensation. Click here to read more.

Frozen and Immobilized

Induction by Fiona Clearwater from UltraHypnosis.net

Freeze / Immobility Post Hypnotics (Session 1)

Induction by Entrancement from Entrancement.co.uk (NSFW)

Mindless Posing


More about Freeze Hypnosis

When Sammie is in an elevated state of worry and anxiety, she tends to get very irritable, not wanting to be touched.

In a state of anxiety, she often feels the need to withdraw inwardly. However, because of her anxious state she becomes more sensitive to physical sensations.

Under hypnosis, when given a freeze command, her conscious mind disassociates from physical sensation while her subconscious mind complies with hypnotic suggestions to remain in place and immobilized.

By having her conscious mind no longer fixated on physical sensation, she is able to more deeply withdraw inwardly to reflect on the sources of her anxiety. This inward reflection enables her a break from her conscious thought loops and puts her in a better mood.

This greatly reduces her irritability, aversion to being touched, and lowers her anxiety.

Freeze hypnosis often helps reset her mind to the point where she can physically intimate or get a good night’s sleep without her thought loops chasing her to bed.