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Fractionation Hypnosis Sessions

Fractionation is the process of alternating trance depths, going from light trance to deep trance. By practicing being fractionated, Sammie trains her mind to be better able to exit elevated states of anxiety into calmer states of relaxation.

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More about Fractionation Hypnosis

Sammie often “thought loops” about problems that trigger in her mind negative thoughts she can’t stop.

Those thoughts then trigger a subconscious impulse for her to prioritize finding a solution to that problem even to the point of causing her discomfort.

If she does not find a satisfactory answer to that problem, her thought loops will disrupt her sleeping patterns by compelling her to stay up later to try to find a solution.

Sometimes she can’t find the answers or, in the pursuit of a solution, she’ll uncover more problems.

If this happens, her thought loops can grow worse, as they chase her to sleep an impact her ability to sleep.

Fractionation is a hypnosis technique that helps Sammie break this cycle, by training her to exit out of her anxious “thought loopy” state and into a calm, relaxed state of trance.

If trains her to rapidly go into and out of trance, letting go of whatever she is thought looping about, and instead to just surrender and temporarily turn off her thoughts.